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Atomic Time:

Atomic Time is the sort of band that has been crafted for so long, it even involves father and son. Based in the Small City of Bauru in Brazil, Atomic Time completely breaks the mold with its experimental sound strongly influenced by Progressive rock and classical contemporary music. 


Their sound is incredibly peculiar, the result of a strong relationship between Pedro D’incao, (guitars) and Silvio Serra (drums) who have been playing together for more than 30 years. This solid experience mixed with the infusion of new generations like the smoothness of Roger Lopez (vocals) and the rebellious Gabriel D’Incao, at the ever morphing keys. 


Though they are heavily influenced by bands such as King Crimson, Radiohead, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, you can completely identify they have a statement of their own. Gabriel pushes the sounds of Mini Moogs model D, colliding them with the dream-like sensations the Fender Rhodes creates. Their sound is indeed, otherwordly. With Matt Nolan gongs that sound like the masterpieces they are and Moog Model 15 to provide depth and structure.


Gabriel D'Incao - Keyboards

João Ribeiro - Bass

Pedro D'Incao - Guitar

Roger Lopes - Vocal

Sylvio Serra - Drums 

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